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 The Office of Emergency Management is a unit of the Department of Police Services that is charged with coordinating all activities needed to prepare for and respond to both natural and man-made emergency situations.  The responsibility for a campus emergency management program as required in California State University Executive Order #1056, has been delegated to the Department of Police Services.  The Department is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of an emergency management system program on campus and the development and implementation of programs and projects in emergency planning, training, response and recovery. What is Emergency Management?

Spring 2016 Updates

Beat the Quake: An Earthquake Themed Puzzle Room

Thursday, April 28th 10AM - 2PM on Bayramian Lawn - Click here to sign up now to participate in the puzzle room.

If you are unable to join the game, you can still participate by visiting our educational tables from 10AM - 2PM! Tabling will include historical earthquake displays, campus and community resources, preparedness tips and information, and semester posters presented by students in GEOL 104 Living with Earthquakes in California.


Teams of 4 will solve a series of earthquake related puzzles in the popular "escape room" format (using teamwork to solve themed puzzles in a constrained time period). The teams will have a very short period of time to prepare for the earthquake, then take appropriate action when the earthquake strikes (simulated by sound). 

The puzzle room is set in February of 1994, during a time of much heightened earthquake awareness following the 6.7 magnitude Northridge Earthquake of January 17, 1994. The event pays homage to CSUN's resiliency in the face of this damaging earthquake. Grand prize packs will be awarded to top scoring teams! Grand Prizes include the following:

    • Gift Certificate for Amazing Escape Room of California (up to 8 guests)
    • Earthquake Jenga
    • San Andreas on DVD
    • 90's themed gift pack
    • Matador Spirit items
    • MataMoney gift cards


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