Summer Academic Enrichment Program

After SAEP Options

Ad-Venture (Grades 6-8)

We have had a growing interest in our afternoon class. So this summer, we are offering a variety of classes. From 12:35 P.M. - 12:55 P.M. there will be a supervised lunch time. From 1:00 P.M. - 2:00 P.M. your child will take the 'Ad-Venture' class. You register for this extended day on the registration form.

Courses Offered:

Digital Photography
ASL Intermeidate
Magic of Math
Reading for Pleasure
Story Scoring
Rockets & Roller Coasters 


After School Supervision:  Tennis/Swim Camp -or- Sunny Days

  • SAEP coordinates student pick-up with both camps.
  • The camp representative comes to the designated areas each day to pick up the students who are signed up in their programs.
  • The camp representative will then wait there until all their students are accounted for and walk them over to their program.

Tennis/Swim Camp

If you are looking for extended hours beyond what SAEP offers, the Tennis/Swim camp is a great option. Their website is and they have many different programs from which to chose. We are not affiliated, but we do coordinate with them for pick-up after our classes are over.

Sunny Days Camp

Sunny Days Camp is an accredited summer day camp that is open to children entering grades K-7 in the fall. Our multi-purpose camp facility is conveniently equipped with a swimming pool, air conditioned playrooms, secure outdoor play areas, and on-site food service. Their website is: