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Student Teaching

Coordinator: Dr. Ghaus-Kelley

Student Teaching Information

Student Teaching Permission Numbers


Cooperating teachers will receive an email that will contain their Evaluator I.D. number, password, and web link to the student teaching evaluation. If there are any problems, send an email to "" containing the name and email of the master teacher and student teacher.

Reminder: Each candidate’s teaching assignment lasts until the end of the semester or track for the school at which the candidate is assigned. A grade of Incomplete may be requested in special circumstances when a final evaluation must be submitted after the above deadlines. *SED 554 midterm evaluations or late final evaluations by arrangement. ^Seminar instructors’ grades are CR/NC.

Evaluation Terminology


Reserved for rating the teaching performance at an unusually high level of proficiency which is sustained at that level throughout the semester. It is rarely achieved by first semester candidates.

Indicates that the teacher candidate who has reached this exceptional nature of mastery could serve to demonstrate a teaching lesson for other teachers.


  • Demonstrates a high level of teaching performance which indicates enough competence to warrant making independent decisions about planning and implementation of lessons without the constant coaching of the Master Teacher.
  • Ensures generally that the goals of the lesson are met satisfactorily by the students in the classroom.


  • Indicates an adequate level of understanding of the principles involved but needs to put them into practice more skillfully.


  • Reveals a low level of performance stemming from an inability to comprehend or demonstrate essential skills in planning and teaching. Generally these deficiencies signal a correlative problem in classroom management and control.
  • A teacher candidate who receives four or more marks at this level on the final evaluation Will receive a grade of N/C and will NOT be recommended for a credential.


  • Indicates an unacceptable level of performance. Teacher candidates who are rated at this level on one or more competencies will NOT receive credit for their student teaching and will NOT be recommended for a credential.