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MIND Screen Submission Form

Please submit your MIND screen request in detail using the following form.

Note that we will do our best to accommodate your start and end dates for the request, but they cannot be guaranteed.

The department/center/program on whose behalf this is requested.
A contact e-mail address for this request.
A contact phone number/extension for this request.
NOTE: Flyers that are dense with text will not display properly on the screens. If necessary, create a simplified version of your flyer with an emphasis on images and succinct text.
A detailed description of your request. If your request includes text, such as a news or event posting, enter it in full here.
If your request includes an image, poster, movie, or other media file, upload it here.
Which screens should this appear on?
When this should first appear on the screens.
When this should disappear from the screens.