Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

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    Educational Leadership & Policy Studies

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Course Outlines

The following graduate courses are required for the masters and credential programs:

The following are undergraduate courses and are not required for the masters or credential programs:

  • ELPS 203 (.pdf) is a required course offered to ITEP undergraduate students earning a teacher credential
  • ELPS 417 (.pdf) is a required course for students in the fifth year teacher credential program

Professional Administrative Services Credential-Tier II

Other resources

Suggested Reflection Guidelines
Helping ELPS Students Reflect

The following questions were developed in an attempt to assist our ELPS candidates in completing the reflection assignment(s) that are either a course requirement or may be assigned by an Instructor.

Length of response will be assigned by individual instructor unless otherwise noted on ELPS 688 rubric.

  1. What have I learned from this assignment?
  2. What was the purpose of this assignment?
  3. What skills/dispositions/knowledge/understanding did I need in order to complete this assignment?
  4. What prepared to complete this assignment?
  5. How can I improve on this assignment?
  6. How can I follow-up on this assignment?
  7. What went well? What was disappointing?
  8. What should I do differently?
  9. How do the lessons learned from this assignment apply to my work as a current educator or as a future administrator?

Adapted from: The Art of School Leadership Thomas R. Hoerr