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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

special education


Michael Spagna

Ph.D. Special Education, Joint-Doctoral Program, University of California at Berkeley and San Francisco State University, 1991.

Phone: 818.677.2507
email: michael.spagna@csun.edu

Specialization: Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Courses: EDUC 595A, EDUC 595B, EDUC 595C, EDUC 600, SPED 400, SPED 508, SPED 601, SPED 604MM, SPED 605MM, SPED 606MM, SPED 607LH, SPED 608LH, SPED 620, SPED 670, SPED 695R, SPED 697, SPED 698

Professional Interests: Professional Preparation, Transdisciplinary Service Delivery, and Research. Dr. Spagna's research and writing focus on three primary areas: (a) the design and implementation of cognitive, academic, social and emotional methodologies to be used with all students, particularly struggling learners; (b) the design, implementation, and evaluation of a variety of teacher preparation models; and, (c) the integration of interprofessional and transdisciplinary service activities into college-wide preparation programs and curriculum.

Background: Dr. Spagna is the author of several articles and texts, including a chapter entitled “Counseling with Exceptional Children” along with colleague Dr. Shari Tarver Behring in the text Counseling Children and Adolescents (2006); the text Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction for Students with Disabilities (1999) along with colleagues Bigge, Stump, and Silberman; and several chapters on learning disorders along with colleagues Cantwell and Baker in the two-volume Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry (2000). Dr. Spagna is the first Eisner Endowed Chair in Teaching and Learning, responsible for teaching, supervising research, and managing the services and programs of the Center for Teaching and Learning, a premier center with a mission of keeping California State University, Northridge at the forefront of cutting edge innovations in preparing teachers, educational administrators, school counselors, school psychologists, and other school-related personnel.