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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

special education

Kulik Faculty Development Fellowship

Barbara Kulik was a professor in Special Education at CSUN for more than 21 years. In 1991 she retired, and in 1993 donated $150,000 to create a fellowship that releases a faculty member half-time during one semester each year, based on seniority.  As a professor, Kulik felt she always needed more time for herself. She said that with a heavy load of professional commitments, she didn’t have enough time to contemplate, write, relax, and socialize. The money was placed in a trust where it has accumulated interest since its inception.

Claire Cavallaro, a former Department of Special Education Chair, said the Kulik Fellowships have contributed to a “climate of caring” within the Department. “Through her generosity, Barbara will always remain a great leader for our Department and College.”

In 2004, faculty in the Department of Special Education continue to benefit from Kulik’s generous fellowship. The comments below about Kulik’s legacy and the Michael D. Eisner College of Education at CSUN are as pertinent and resolute today as they were in 1993 when they were written.

From the CSUN School of Education Educator (Spring/Fall 1993)

Dr. Barbara Kulik, who retired from Cal State Northridge School of Education in December 1991, left a legacy that will directly benefit all School of Education faculty in the department of Special Education.  Kulik, along with her husband who taught physics at Northridge before he retired, established a faculty fellowship to provide release time to members of the special education faculty.

“The School of Education was a major part of my life,” says Kulik. “I wanted to leave something to the school that would have been important to me had I not retired. The faculty fellowship established by my husband and me allows one full-time faculty member to take some time off each spring to pursue whatever he or she wants to pursue.”

Kulik, although retired, still maintains a busy schedule. In recent weeks she has been working on a grant proposal and has co-authored several articles.

“The School of Education was a strong part of my life,” say Kulik. “By establishing the faculty fellowship, I can continue to have an influence on a truly outstanding school.” 

In recognition of her support of the School of Education, the fountain Court in the new building complex has been named the Barbara Kulik Fountain Court.