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The American Sign Language Proficiency Interview (ASLPI) is an evaluation adapted from the Language Proficiency Interview (LPI) developed by the Foreign Service Institute (FSI). The basic idea with this type of evaluation is to find out through an interview what an individual can do with the knowledge and skills he/she has in the target language at a given point in time. The ASLPI is an interactive process between an interviewer and the individual being evaluated. This process is video recorded and holistically scored by a team of evaluators. In accordance with national practices, CSUN uses the ASLPI as a method for measuring ASL fluency with Teacher Candidates.


Effective Spring 2014

The ASLPI at CSUN is administered through Gallaudet University: ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services (ASL-DES) http://asldes.gallaudet.edu/. All ASLPIs will be conducted via Video Phone by trained and approved ASLPI Evaluators. A complete description of the ASLPI housed at Gallaudet University can be found at: http://asldes.gallaudet.edu/aslpi.xml

CSUN Teacher Candidates (DHH) are required to take the ASLPI and achieve a 3.0 or higher to be approved for Student Teaching. Candidates are responsible for the fees required to take the ASLPI.

TWO block schedules are available this Spring for taking the ASLPI at CSUN proctored by Rachel Friedman Narr. These times are "first come first served." If you are interested in reserving a time slot during one of these periods, please email rachel.narr@csun.edu.

Wednesday April 2, 2014

Interviews will take place at CSUN in ED 2210 (Office of Rachel Friedman Narr).

The scheduling process for the ASLPI is automated on the website for ASL Diagnostic and Evaluation Services (ASL-DES). The site includes:

ALL interviews conducted via Video Phone MUST BE proctored, and there is an established set of criteria required for the environment with the Video Phone.

Candidates can always take the ASLPI anywhere and have someone else proctor the exam as long as the guidelines established by Gallaudet are met.

Fees are outlined on this web page: http://asldes.gallaudet.edu/fees.xml

If you have questions about the ASLPI at CSUN, please contact:
Rachel Friedman Narr, Ph.D.
Professor, Special Education/Deaf Education
If you have specific questions with regard to the ASLPI, send email to: ASLPI@gallaudet.edu