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Special Education Literacy Clinic

Special Education Literacy Clinic

Special Education Literacy Clinic

Educational Therapy Services

Student in the lab.


The Educational Therapy services are supervised by Marcy Dann, a CSUN faculty member who has years of experience as a private Educational Therapist. All tutors receive weekly feedback and guidance on their activities from Professor Dann.


Our tutors are CSUN students enrolled in the Educational Therapy Certification and Masters programs, and all have done some teaching in special education settings. Many also have credentials as Special Education teachers.

Included Services

The educational therapy sessions begin with informal assessments of both academic and social/emotional functioning. Based on the results of those assessments, the tutors create individualized goals focused on social/emotional outcomes, reading, writing, and/or math. Children participate in educational therapy sessions twice a week for nine to ten weeks, working with their tutors on fun, interactive activities based on their individualized goals. Throughout the semester parents receive ongoing consultation with tutors on the student’s progress in the identified areas. A detailed report is presented to the parents at the final session.


$750 for the semester


Educational Therapy services are generally only available during the fall semester.