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Special Education Literacy Clinic

Special Education Literacy Clinic

Special Education Literacy Clinic

Information for CSUN Students

Students in the lab.

The Special Education Literacy Clinic provides a high quality, supervised clinical experience for students enrolled in advanced graduate level coursework in CSUN’s Special Education programs. With faculty support, guidance, and supervision, these hands-on tutoring experiences are an opportunity to design and apply assessment and teaching strategies taught in university classes and to implement evidence-based instruction.

The CSUN Mild/Moderate Special Education Credential and Masters programs offer a high-level of clinical application throughout the coursework. Candidates get multiple opportunities to practice their new skills through simulation, one-on-one experiences, and participation in classrooms with highly-qualified mentor teachers. The Special Education Literacy Clinic is just one of the clinical opportunities integrated in our Mild/Moderate Special Education programs.

For more information about CSUN’s Special Education programs, please visit our website: http://www.csun.edu/education/sped/