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TPE 9: Instructional Planning

Candidates for a Teaching Credential plan instruction that is comprehensive in relation to the subject matter to be taught and in accordance with state-adoptedacademic content standards for students.  They establish clear long-term andshort-term goals for student learning, based on state and local standards for student achievement as well as on students’ current levels of achievement.  They use explicit teaching methods such as direct instruction and inquiry to help students meet or exceed grade level expectations.  They plan how to explain content clearly and make abstract concepts concrete and meaningful.  They understand the purposes, strengths and limitations of a variety of instructional strategies, including examining student work, and they improve their successive uses of the strategies based on experience and reflection.  They sequence instruction so the content to be taught connects to preceding and subsequent content.  In planning lessons, they select or adapt instructional strategies, grouping strategies, and instructional material to meet student learning goals and needs.  Candidates connect the content to be learned with students’ linguistic and cultural backgrounds, experiences, interests, and developmental learning needs to ensure that instruction is comprehensible and meaningful.  To accommodate varied student needs, they plan differentiated instruction.  When support personnel, such as aides and volunteers are available, they plan how to use them to help students reach instructional goals.

Required: unit/semester plan (2-6 or more weeks, with at least five daily lesson plans).