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TPE 4: Making Content Accessible

Candidates for Teaching Credentials incorporate specific strategies, teaching/instructional activities, procedures and experiences that address state-adopted academic content standards for students in order to provide a balanced and comprehensive curriculum.  They use instructional materials to reinforce state-adopted academic content standards for students and they prioritize and sequence essential skills and strategies in a logical, coherent manner relative to students' current level of achievement.  They vary instructional strategies according to purpose and lesson content.  To meet student academic learning needs, candidates explain content clearly and reinforce content in multiple ways, such as the use of written and oral presentation, manipulatives, physical models, visual and performing arts, diagrams, non-verbal communication, and computer technology.  They provide opportunities and adequate time for students to practice and apply what they have learned.  They distinguish between conversational and academic language, and develop student skills in using and understanding academic language.  They teach students strategies to read and comprehend a variety of texts and a variety of information sources, in the subject(s) taught.  They model active listening in the classroom.  Candidates encourage student creativity and imagination.  They motivate students and encourage student effort.  When students do not understand content, they take additional steps to foster access and comprehension for all learners.  Candidates balance instruction by adjusting lesson designs relative to students’ current level of achievement.

Required for TPE 4 or 5: lesson plan (1-2 days) that incorporates technology