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Courses for the Mathematics Specialist Degree

The program comprises 10 courses (30 units): 8 core courses and 2 electives. Core classes meet from 4:00 – 6:45 pm and 7:00 – 9:45 pm every Tuesday for four semesters. The two elective courses, in education or mathematics, are normally taken during the two-year program; some students will be able to substitute courses taken prior to this program (e.g., in a recent CSUN teaching-credential program) for these two electives.

Fall of First Year (Core Classes)

S ED 625 - MA Theory and Research in Teaching Secondary School Mathematics

An introduction to current theories of mathematics teaching and learning and how they translate into practice. Major assignments center on your personal teaching practice. Also, exposure to current forms of research, to prepare you for systematic inquiry into your own practice.

S ED 646 - Application and Utility Software in the Secondary School Curriculum

Explore various strategies for teaching mathematics content through the use of technology. Design and develop learning activities using graphing calculators, computers, and application and utility software (such as CBR, Geometer’s Sketchpad, Fathom, Excel, etc.). Course provides tools for conducting research in preparation for the classroom research project and supports discussions in S ED 625 MA through research related to the use of technology in secondary schools.

Spring of First Year (Core Classes)

S ED 535 - MA Contemporary Mathematics Teaching

Further develop your theoretical understanding of teaching mathematics in secondary schools as you critically analyze current secondary mathematics curricula based on a foundational understanding of the literature discussed in S ED 625 MA. Apply your theoretical understanding of teaching by creating, analyzing, and reflecting on exemplary mathematics lessons.

S ED 600 - Research in Education

Explore the role of teacher as researcher. Find and analyze educational research related to mathematics curriculum, teaching strategies, and student learning. Learn about types of educational research; design a classroom action research project; and write early sections of the project report. Also, complete an initial draft of the NBPTS Documented Accomplishments entry.

Fall of Second Year (Core Classes)

S ED 610 - Issues in Education in Multiethnic Secondary Schools

Through research, reading, collegial discussion, reflection, and writing, you will develop a more thorough understanding of some of today’s most pressing issues for multiethnic schools, to be better positioned for leadership as well as for personal decisions about career and professional development.

S ED 690 - Seminar in Education

Develop a deeper understanding of current issues being addressed in SED 610 by applying them to mathematics education. Further refine your skills in researching and producing scholarly work by completing further sections of your classroom research project. Hone your presentation skills through presentations to colleagues and/or at a conference.

Spring of Second Year (Core Classes)

S ED 697 - Graduate Project

Complete your classroom research project, leadership activities, and assemble your MA Portfolio.

S ED 695D - Seminar in Instructional Leadership in Mathematics

Final seminar to help you translate your learning in the program into leadership activity and career decisions.

Two Required Elective Courses (6 units)

If you completed your credential program at CSUN within the past five years, you can apply two of your credential courses to meet this requirement. Graduate courses or post-baccalaureate credential courses from other institutions may also be eligible substitutions for these electives.