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You may be admitted as a graduate student in one of four categories: classified, conditionally classified, postbaccalaureate classified, or postbaccalaureate unclassified.

Classified graduate students are those who have met all criteria for classification in their respective programs. The criteria for classification may be more stringent in some departments, but are never less than the minimum criteria fisted below under Classified Status.

A conditionally classified graduate student is one who has been accepted into a degree program but has not yet met all classification criteria. You must request classification with the Request for Classification form available from the Graduate Coordinator.

A postbaccalaureate classified student is one who has been accepted to a credential program in the School of Education. All credential students are advised to contact the Credentials Preparation Office.

If you are admitted as a post-baccalaureate unclassified (PBU) student, you have been admitted without a degree or credential objective and are taking prerequisite courses or courses for personal or professional enrichment. If you are admitted in this status and wish to seek admittance to a graduate program, you must file the Change of Objective form with the Office of Admissions and Records.

Conditional Classification: After your University application has been processed, you will be notified by the Graduate Studies Office (677-2138) concerning your classification status. If you are conditionally classified, you need to carefully note which requirements are necessary for you to become a fully classified graduate student.

Full Classification: After you are conditionally classified, it is your responsibility to fulfill the University requirements to become fully classified.

Please contact the Department of Secondary Education at 677-2581 as soon as you receive the test results required for your full classification. At this time, you must complete a Request for Classification form, available in Education 1208.

The Graduate Studies Office will notify you of your fully classified status as a graduate student. A formal program (contract) must be completed at this time. Forms are available in Education 1208. The Graduate Advisor can answer general questions about the form, but you have the responsibility of choosing courses for your program of study. Suggested courses are listed in the University catalog, but you should check with the Secondary Education Department Secretary to learn when the courses are taught.

Getting Started Early: If you wish to start taking credit classes prior to admission to the university, you may be able to do so through the Open University at CSUN.