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Masters Degree Programs - Candidacy

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You and the department Graduate Coordinator will prepare your formal program at the time of classification. When your program is approved and filed with Graduate Evaluation Services, you are advanced to Approved Candidacy. At the time that the program is formulated, you will also receive approval of a plan for a thesis, graduate project, artistic performance, or the comprehensive examination. After the formal program is approved, you should file the Application for Graduation with the Office of Admissions and Records.

Graduate students are required to be enrolled during the semester of graduation. Students graduating during the summer must be enrolled for at least one semester unit or, with departmental approval, petition the registration requirement. You should also make certain that your committee members will be available to give their final approval to your culminating experience. In the spring and fall semesters, having fulfilled all other requirements, you may receive permission from your Graduate Coordinator to register under the Special Master's Registration option. A substantial reduction in fees may be possible through this special registration process.

When a thesis is involved, the student must file the Thesis/Graduate Project Planning Form with Graduate Evaluation Services. Format guidelines for the preparation of theses or projects are available in the Graduate Studies Office, Administrative Park 706.

Rules and Regulations

Full explanations of the following rules and regulations can be found in the current University Catalog. As a graduate student, it is your responsibility to know the rules and regulations governing your graduate program.

• No more than 12 units of course work approved for your program are to be completed prior to classification.

• The Upper Division Writing Proficiency Examination is a classification criterion.

• Courses completed more than seven years prior to the date on which all requirements for the degree are met cannot be counted to meet unit requirements unless the student can show competency in the content of the outdated courses. Course validation requires departmental approval. A maximum of nine units taken in residency at CSUN may be validated in this manner. In


Application for graduation: Apply for graduation one year prior to your anticipated date of graduation. Forms are available in Education 1208 and from the Graduate Studies Office, 677-2138.

Remaining Requirements: The University Graduate Studies Office will send you a document describing the remaining requirements to be completed prior to graduation. Complete each prerequisite.