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Tarver Behring, S. & Spagna, M. E. (1998). The school counselor and full inclusion for children with special needs.  The School Counselor, 1, 51-56.
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Murawski, W. W. (2008, September). Five keys to co-teaching in inclusive classrooms. School Administrator, 27.
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Chen, D. (2013). Inclusion of children with special needs in diverse early care settings. In E.A. Virmani & P.L. Mangione (Eds.). Infant/toddler caregiving: A guide to culturally sensitive care (2nd. ed.,pp. 25-40). Sacramento, CA: California Department of Education


A discussion of diverse perspectives on disability; early intervention terminology, eligibility and intervention; gathering and sharing information with families; and evidence-based and recommended practices in early intervention.

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Tarver Behring, S. & Spagna, M. E. (2010). Counseling with exceptional children. A. Vernon, (4rd Ed.)  in   Counseling Children and Adolescents, Denver, Co.:  Love Pub.