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Tarver Behring, S., Jeffries, C., Webb., A., & Burrows, K. (2015, June) Self-Care and Holistic Health Initiatives for Staff, Faculty, and Yourself. California Higher Education Sustainability Conference, San Francisco, Ca.


Health and wellness are key to sustainability and resilience – in ourselves, culture and nature. Presenters will discuss work-life imbalance, then quantifying wellness in Green Workplace assessments. Presenters will also discuss a wellness model in which faculty and staff often with “no time to eat” can make self-care a priority at work andin their personal lives. Presenters will describe the emerging Eco-Mind, a shift from fear and scarcity into creative engagement with Seven Challenges Facing Humanity, sup- ported by self-care skills and new forms of activism. Tools for personal wellness and community assessment will be provided.

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