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Jeffries, C. (2011). Thinking inside the box: Using discovery boxes and learning centers to promote inquiry and teach healthy food choices at the preschool level. Science and Children, 48(6), 30-34.
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Jeffries, C. (2013). Thinking inside the box. In L. Froschauer (Ed.), A year of inquiry: A collection for elementary educators (pp. 118-123). Arlington, Virginia, NSTA Press.


The authors conducted a test to determine whether they could incorporate a discovery box into a preschool setting was successful. It stimulated the students' natural inquiry processes while promoting understanding of healthy foods and allowing for practice of fine-motor skills. It was easily incorporated into the curriculum and classroom space. Since preschoolers are naturally curious, they tried to determine and predict how the tools and components worked. They inspected the materials and used the tools to measure, analyze, and create mental models. They also constructed their own explanations. This article describes the authors' experiences developing and setting up the discovery box learning activity center for preschoolers. (Contains 3 figures and 4 print resources.)

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