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Stone, D. J. (2017, March). Working with multiracial individuals, couples, and families.Invited Keynote Speaker, Wisconsin Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Spring Conference, Madison, WI.


As marriage and family therapists, we must continuously expand our knowledge and effective skills for working with more diverse populations. Multiracial individuals, couples, and families are one such population deserving increased attention. While the multiracial individual, couple, and family experience is complex, researchers generally contend that this group may encounter stressors such as racial discrimination; stigmatization; microaggressions from outside and within the family; and personal, familial, social, and/or political pressure regarding their individual, couple, and/or family identity. This is also a diverse group of people who have been resilient as families, activists, and social change agents. In this workshop, participants will learn more about who the multiracial population is—what defines this group as individuals, couples and families. As well, participants will be immersed in the stories of this subgroup of the U.S. population through first person narratives, review of the latest research, and interactive activities. Another core component of the participant’s workshop experience will include self-of-the-therapist exploration related to their social location and personal identity and facilitated engagement with others at the conference related to these ideas. Finally, participants will learn effective ways to reach these potential clients in your communities as well as meaningful interventions and useful models of therapy for addressing some of their unique challenges.

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