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Sears, R., Brosnan, P., Gainsburg, J., Olaff-Lewis, J., Stone, J., Spencer, C., Riggs, L., Biagetti, S., Cayton, C., Grady. M., Clarke, P. J., & Andreasen, J. (2017). Using improvement science to transform internship experiences through co-teaching strategies. In L. West & M. Boston (Eds.), Reflective and Collaborative Processes to Improve Mathematics Teaching (pp. 265-274). Reston, VA: The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Inc. 
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A Longitudinal Examination of the Impact of Mattering on College Students’ Success, Retention, and Involvement


The psycho-social construct of mattering (vs. marginality) is often cited as making a difference in college student success as evidenced in increased persistence, retention, and improved grades (Goodman, Schlossberg, & Anderson, 2006; Pascarella & Terenzini, 2005). In this context, mattering may be defined as 'making a difference to others in one's environment. However, until our recent work (Tovar, Simon, & Lee, 2009), the construct of mattering has not been reliably measured with college students other than in returning (i.e., older), non-diverse college student populations (Schlossberg, La Salle & Golec, 1991) with a psychometrically sound instrument. We have successsfully validitated the assessment tool (Tovar, Simon, & Lee, 2009) and now are engaged in the use of this tool as a potential indicator for student success using the previous sample of students (in 2007, as CSUN freshmen and sophomores) and will be looking at their retention, persistence, and involvement over time.

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