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Stapleton, L.D. (2015). The disabled academy: The experiences of Deaf faculty at predominantly hearing institutions. The National Education Association. 31(2).


There is a historical and current legacy of oppression against Deaf and hard of hearing people in the U.S. Many individuals believe that deafness is a deficiency that needs to be fixed.  This type of attitude has affected the type of academic environments many Deaf people encounter on campuses today.  Perpetuated hearing-dominant ways of being and space have influenced how Deaf faculty survive and thrive within the academy.  This theoretical paper addresses the challenges Deaf faculty experience at predominantly hearing institutions.  Three main questions were addressed (a) What experiences are Deaf faculty having at predominantly hearing insitutitions?  (b) How can spatial theory help us understand the experiences of Deaf faculty?  (c) How are Deaf faculty experiences affecting the larger higher education community?

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