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Murawski, W.W. (2012, Nov 8). Co-teaching and student teaching: A logical combination. Presentation for the national Teacher Education Division of the Council for Exceptional Children, Grand Rapids, MI.


The purpose of this research study was to examine the differences between traditional student teaching and student teaching through a co-teaching methodology. A pilot study was conducted at California State University, Northridge with student teachers in Elementary Education. Results showed that both master and student teachers were more positive about the co-teaching experiences over the traditional experiences. A follow-up study is in progress.

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Sears, R., Brosnan, P., Gainsburg, J., Olaff-Lewis, J., Stone, J., Spencer, C., Riggs, L., Biagetti, S., Cayton, C., Grady. M., Clarke, P. J., & Andreasen, J. (2017). Using improvement science to transform internship experiences through co-teaching strategies. In L. West & M. Boston (Eds.), Reflective and Collaborative Processes to Improve Mathematics Teaching (pp. 265-274). Reston, VA: The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Inc.