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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Featured faculty researcher: Deborah Chen, Department of Special Education, Teaching students who have sensory disabilities: an early interventionist working with families and their infants who were visually impaired or deaf and hard of hearing and an administrator of early intervention and school aged special education programs.'

Academic Affairs Research Fellows

The following College of Education faculty members are recipients of the Academic Affairs Research Fellows Program.

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Diane Gehart


Diane Gehart (Educational Psychology & Counselng) - Mindfulness in K-5 Education: A Comprehensive Program with Online and In-Class Mindfulness Training for Students, Teachers, and Families
Dimpal Jain


Dimpal Jain (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies) - A Critical Race Perspective of Transfer: Transforming Higher Education through a Transfer Receptive Culture
Brian Foley


Brian Foley (Secondary Education) - Preparing Teachers to Use Technology in the Classroom
Carrie Rothstein-Fisch


Carrie Rothstein-Fisch (Educational Psychology & Counseling) - Building a Bridging Cultures School: What happens when teachers understand and utilize a model for understanding culture on a school-wide basis?
Susan Auerbach


Susan Auerbach (Educational Leadership & Policy Studies) – Auerbach’s research topic was "Shaping a New Common Sense of Education Reform: Policy Discourse on 'Parent Trigger' Laws and Turnaround Schools."
Conie White


Connie White (Elementary Education) – White's research topic was "Exploring New Possibilities: Struggling Readers and Their Parents Bridging the Gap Between Digital and Traditional Literacies."
Rachel Friedman Narr


Rachel Friedman Narr (Special Education) - Rachel Friedman Narr's research topic was "Examining the Nature of Parent-to-Parent Support to Families of Newly Identified Infants who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing".
Nathan Durdella


Nathan Durdella (Educational Leadership & Policy Studies) - Nathan Durdella worked on his project, “A New Look at Transfer: A Predictive Study of Cognitive, Behavioral, and Attitudinal Changes in Student Veterans after Transferring from Community Colleges to Universities in California.” In his research he examined how the precollege characteristics, college experiences, and college outcomes of student veterans who are community college transfers differ from their civilian peers who are also community college transfers.
Julie Gainsburg


Julie Gainsburg (Secondary Education) - Julie Gainsburg studied the mathematical development of engineers, from entry into an undergraduate university program to the level of experienced engineer. Her work may be used to "inform" K–12 mathematics education.
Adele Eskeles Gottfried


Adele Eskeles Gottfried (Educational Psychology & Counseling) - Recognizing high school course selections as a "gateway" to student success, Gottfried used a longitudinal study from elementary school through college to examine the hypothesis that academic intrinsic motivation, achievement and parental involvement positively impact course selections and academic attainment.