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Kathryn Peckham-Hardin

Kathryn  Peckham-Hardin
Department Chair
Department of Special Education
Phone:818 677 4002



Ph.D. in Special Education & Risk and Resiliency, University of California, Santa Barbara, 2002.


Moderate/Severe Disabilities


Professional Interests

Dr. Peckham-Hardin research interests focus on improving outcomes for students with severe disabilities and their families. To this end, she has completed a research study to better understand what is needed to ensure students with disabilities receive a quality education in inclusive settings. She is also involved in research examining teachers' use of positive behavior support in classroom settings. Dr. Peckham-Hardin has co-authored a number of book chapters and articles primarily in the areas of inclusive education and positive behavior support. She also has presented at numerous national, state and local conferences in the following areas: inclusive educational practices, positive behavior support, self-directed learning, authentic assessment, and systematic instruction.


Dr. Peckham-Hardin serves as the specialization chair in the area of moderate/severe disabilities. She is responsible for advising all new and current students in the Level I, Level II and MA programs, and for coordinating intern and student teacher placements. She lives in Camarillo with her husband Bob and their dog, Baxter.