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Joan Becker and 6 of her students.

Vol. 3, No. 2

Spring 2014

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Faculty Achievements


Education Professor Deborah Chen (Special Education) authored a chapter entitled "Inclusion of Children with Special Needs in Diverse Early Care Settings" in Infant/Toddler Caregiving: A Guide to Culturally Sensitive Care (E.A. Virmani & P.L Mangione, Editors), 2013, pp. 25-40. In addition, Dr. Chen authored a book entitled Essential Elements in Early Intervention: Visual Impairments and Multiple Disabilities, 2nd Edition, American Association for the Blind (AFB) Press, 2014. Also, Dr. Chen co-authored (with Vera Gutierrez-Clellen, San Diego State University) a chapter entitled "Early Intervention and Young Dual Language Learners with Special Needs" in California's Best Practices for Young Dual Language Learners: Research Overview Papers, 2013, pp. 209-230.

Education Professor Cynthia Desrochers (InnovatED Editor, Special Projects) authored an article entitled "Modifying Courses for a New Economic Reality: A Statewide Solution Involving Faculty Learning Communities" in Learning Communities Journal, 5, 2013, pp. 123-149.

Education Professor Lynn Gordon (Elementary Education) authored an article entitled "Twins and Kindergarten Separation: Divergent Beliefs of Principals, Teachers, Parents, and Twins" in Education Policy, January 2014, pp. 1-34. In addition, Dr. Gordon authored a book entitled How to Write a Lesson Plan: Introduction to Basic Lesson Design and the 8 Keys to Good Planning, Bookmark Academic Press [Kindle e-book], 2013. Also, Dr. Gordon co-authored with Education Associate Professor Shartriya Collier (Elementary Education), Education Associate Professor Tae Chang (Secondary Education), and Education Lecturer Steve Holle (Center for Teaching and Learning) an article entitled "The Teacher Oral Language Observation Matrix" in Academic Exchange Quarterly, spring 2013, pp.71-78.

Education Professor Kathy Peckham-Hardin (Special Education) authored a chapter entitled "Positive Behavioral Supports: Preventing and Managing Difficult Behavior" in Supporting Preschool Children in Inclusive Classrooms: Everyday Solutions and Strategies (M.A. Richardson-Gibbs and M.D. Klein, Editors), February 2014.

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