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Joan Becker and 6 of her students.

Vol. 2, No. 2

Spring 2013

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Faculty Achievements - Publications

Education Professor Susan Belgrad (Elementary Education) co-authored (with James H. McMillan) a chapter entitled “Portfolios and e-Portfolios: Student Reflection, Self-Assessment, and Goal Setting in the Learning Process” in The Sage Handbook of Research on Classroom Assessment (James H. McMillan, Editor), 2012.

Education Professor Deborah Chen and Associate Professor Rachel Friedman Narr (Special Education) co-authored (with Diane Wormsley, North Carolina Central University) a chapter entitled “Teaching Students Who Have Sensory Disabilities” in Research-Based Practices in Special Education (B.G. Cook, & M. Tankersley, Editors), 2013.

Education Professor and Director of Research Enhancement Adele Eskeles Gottfried (Educational Psychology and Counseling) co-authored (with G.A. Marcoulides, A.W. Gottfried, & P. Oliver) an article entitled “Longitudinal Pathways from Math Intrinsic Motivation and Achievement to Math Course Accomplishments and Education Attainment” in the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 2013, Vol. 6. In addition, Dr. Gottfried co-authored (with S.R. Sy & A.W. Gottfried) an article entitled “A Transactional Model of Parent Involvement and Children’s Achievement from Early Childhood through Adolescence” in Parenting Science and Practice, 2013, Vol. 13.

Education Professor Norman Herr co-authored with Associate Professors Mike Rivas and Brian Foley (Secondary Education) “Using Cloud-Based Collaborative Documents to Perform Continuous Formative Assessment During Instruction” in Proceedings of the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (J. Sanchez & K. Zhang, Editors), October 2012.

Education Lecturer Steve Holle (Elementary Education) authored “CSUN Collaborative Partners Exemplify and PDS Model” in Southern California Professional Development Schools newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 1.

Education Associate Professor Robert E. Kladifko (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies) authored an article entitled “Practical School Community Partnerships Leading to Successful Educational Leaders” in the California Association of Professors of Educational Administration (CAPEA), Vol. 24, January 2013.

Education Professor Al Nava (Secondary Education) authored an article entitled “The American Public School Legacy in New Mexico: The William Gillet Ritch Collection” in the National Social Science Journal, December 2012, Vol. 32, No. 2. In addition, Dr. Nava co-authored with Vicki Schmidtberger (M.A., student) an article entitled “Using Primary Documents in the Social Studies Classroom: Connecting History Then and Now” in the Social Studies Review Journal (Emily Schell, Editor), 2012, annual issue.

Education Associate Professor Kathleen D. Rowlands (Secondary Education) authored a chapter entitled “An Alphabet for a Changing World” in The Alphabets that Changed the World (Soon-Jick Bae, Editor), 2012. In addition, Dr. Rowlands authored an article entitled “Is It Something in the Water? The Persistent Influences of Donald Graves, Donald Murray, and Thomas Newkirk” in California English, 2012.

Education Professor Zhixin Su (Educational Leadership and Policy Studies) authored an article entitled “Challenges of Internationalization for Chinese Higher Education” in the Journal of World Education (in Chinese), 2012. In addition, Dr. Su authored “Chinese Education in Americans’ Eyes” in the Proceedings of the Second China Forum on Education Internationalization and Informatization (in Chinese), 2012. [Please see “Dr. Justine Su Makes the Cover Page: Journal of World Education” in this issue of InnovatED.]

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