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Joan Becker and 6 of her students.

Vol. 1, No. 2

Spring 2012

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Faculty Achievements - Grants

Education Associate Professors Brian Foley and Mike Rivas and Professor Norm Herr (Secondary Education) were awarded $150,000 for their project “Computer Supported Collaborative Science Initiative: Engaging Middle School Students in Authentic Research Experiences via Cloud-based Computing Tools from Hewlett Packard (HP).” The purpose of this project is to help science teachers in high-need Los Angeles schools engage students in authentic research experiences through the use of cloud-based computing tools. Because most of the funding ($130,000) can be used only to purchase HP computer products, netbooks were purchased and loaned to teachers.

Education Associate Professor Rachel Friedman Narr and Professor Ellen Schneiderman (Special Education) in partnership with Professor Sharon Klein (English) were awarded $250,000 for their project “Enhancing Quality with Teachers of Students Who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing” by the California Department of Education/California Post-Secondary Education Commission (CPEC), 2011-2012. This project is designed to meet the CPEC request for professional development programs that help teachers understand and strengthen their content knowledge in preparation for and implementation of the speaking and listening standards of the California Common Core Standards in English Language Arts. It addresses this need through a technology infused professional development model that emphasizes action learning through 10 content-focused workshops.

Education Associate Professor Kathleen D. Rowlands has received three separate grants of $85,950, $111,000, and $72,000 for the “Cal State Northridge Writing Project.” The funding agencies are the University of California for NCLB 7 and 8, the National Writing Project, and the California Writing Project, respectively, to support the Cal State Northridge Writing Project, which works with K-university teachers in all disciplines to increase student learning by improving student writing.

Education Assistant Professor Sally Spencer and Professors Sue Sears and Nancy Burstein (Special Education) were awarded $1.5 million for “Project REACH: Restructuring Education around Clinical Practice in High Need Schools” from the Office of Special Education Programs, 2012-2017. The purpose of this project is to integrate the application of clinical experiences and research-based practices throughout our coursework in Mild/Moderate Disabilities.

Education Associate Professor Ivor Weiner (Special Education) was awarded $161,280 for “Prevention Resource & Referral Services” from the North Los Angeles County Regional Center, 2011-2013. The project will provide information, resources, referrals, community outreach, and follow up to parents who have children—infants up to third birthday—who are at risk for a developmental delay.

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