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Joan Becker and 6 of her students.

Vol. 3, No. 1

Fall 2013

Your Source of Information for Staying Connected, the e-magazine of the Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Dean's Message

Dean Spagna and Associate Dean Cabello with children from Wisdom Academy

Dean Michael E. Spagna and Associate Dean Beverly Cabello, Michael D. Eisner College of Education, and students from Wisdom Academy for Young Scientists

As we start a new academic year at CSUN, I am reminded of our collective responsibility to engage in meaningful conversations regarding important issues facing us in public education. To that end, we have deepened our commitment to bring thoughtful leaders to our campus to help us ask the tough questions (and unpack the complicated answers) that are so essential to better understand how we can meet our charge at the Michael D. Eisner College of Education: to prepare world class teachers, counselors, administrators, and other professionals to serve the diverse educational needs of our region.

Our new Education on the Edge series, planned and delivered by our College's Center for Teaching and Learning, has set the tone for an eventful year. Dr. Diane Ravitch, an educational historian and research professor at New York University, recently shared insights gathered in her latest book, Reign of Error: The Hoax of the Privatization Movement and the Danger to America's Public School, at the inaugural presentation in early October. Future speakers include Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond from Stanford University and Dr. Louis Cozolino from Pepperdine University—both accomplished scholars and important voices on the educational landscape, addressing issues ranging from how to build a national system of high-achieving and equitable schools (Darling-Hammond) to the latest scientific evidence that supports social brain networks and their importance in building a community of learning (Cozolino).

One of our core beliefs in the College is that we value diversity. As a direct result of this commitment, we are dedicated to learning about and addressing the varied strengths, interests, and needs of communities of diverse learners. Our research colloquium addressing Digital Media and Learning in a Dangerous Age, another College-sponsored campus event, highlights the work of Dr. James Paul Gee, the Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies at Arizona State University, and directly addresses the literacy needs of our surrounding community. Gee is a prominent expert in the emerging field of New Literacy Studies, examining how language and literacy are learned through social, political, and cultural contexts. His work is particularly important given the current attention in our region to how people learn through technology and associated implications for incorporating technology into classrooms.

We invite you to participate fully in these conversations with national experts. Together, we will continue to engage in this noble work of building stronger communities and serving our region through collaborative partnerships.

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