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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

special education

Special Education - Special Education


Crail-Johnson Foundation

The foundation promotes the well-being of children in need.  Fields of interest include child development, education, special education, elementary school education, math and science curriculum, literacy, college prep, and parent empowerment and involvement.

Flextronics Foundation

The foundation supports educational programs designed to benefit students with disabilities or handicaps.

Jerome S. & Grace H. Murray Foundation

Funding primarily for the care, training and education of physically, mentally and emotionally disturbed children and adults, and the training and education of those who will help them.

Special Hope Foundation

The Special Hope Foundation was formed to support the causes of the physically, emotionally, and developmentally disabled. We welcome the opportunity to fund innovative projects that challenge the prevailing attitudes towards these special people.

Wal-Mart Foundation

Total Giving: $110,895,707
Limitations: Giving on a national basis in areas of company operations, with emphasis on AR, Washington, DC, IL, NY, TN, UT, and VA.

Program Area(s):
National Giving Program
The foundation awards $250,000 grants to programs designed to serve multiple sites across the country and programs with innovative initiatives that are ready for replication nationally. Special emphasis is directed toward programs designed to promote education; workforce development and economic opportunity; health and wellness; and environmental sustainability.

State Giving Program
The foundation awards grants at the state and regional level to support unmet needs of communities. Special emphasis is directed toward programs designed to promote education, including initiatives that address the educational needs of under-served young people ages
12-25, programs focused on high school success, adolescent literacy, access and retention on first generation college students, and teacher retention.