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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Educational Psychology & Counseling

School Psychology Credential

The school psychology program is designed for persons wishing to become school psychologists in public schools. On completion of the program, the student receives the Pupil Personnel Services: School Psychology Credential.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants must apply for the master's degree in School Psych program along with the credential in School Psych. Contact the graduate coordinator of this program, Dr. Alberto Restori, for more specifics.

Admission criteria include:

Consult the option coordinator for further details.


Total Prerequisites: 12 units
EPC 430 Development and Learning in Early Childhood Education (3)
or EPC 612 Advanced Study in Child and Adolescent Development (3)
EPC 451 Counseling and Guidance (3)
EPC 600 Educational Statistics for Research and Measurement (3)

Required Courses*

Total units: 52-61 units
*All programs must be approved by the program coordinator. This listing is providing for information purposes only, is subject to change without notice, and is not guaranteed to be correct or up-to-date. The student should consult the university catalog and program coordinator for further details and course descriptions.
EPC 601 Individual and Group Assessment (3)
EPC 602 Research Principles (3)
EPC 611 Seminar in Educational Psychology (3)
EPC 643 Counseling in Cross-Cultural Settings (3)
EPC 655 Seminar in Counseling Theory andPractice (3)
EPC 657A Seminar in Career Counseling Theory (3)
EPC 658 Seminar in Group Counseling (3)
EPC 658L Group Counseling Laboratory (1)
EPC 659A Counseling Practicum Communication (3)
EPC 659B Counseling Practicum Skills (3)
EPC 659E-F Fieldwork in School Psychology (3-3)
EPC 659G-H Internship in School Psychology (3-3)
EPC 663A-B Clinical and Psychometrics Assessment Techniques (3-3)
EPC 664 Case Study of the Atypical Child (3)
EPC 671 Law and Ethics for Counselors (3)
EPC 680 Seminar in School Psychology (3)
SPED 610 Program Planning for Exceptional Children and Youth (3)

Intern Programs:

Approximately half way through the school psychology program, the candidate is eligible to secure an intern credential which will permit payment for the internship work performed in the schools and related to the coursework described above while completing remainder of program Contact the program coordinators for details.