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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Educational Psychology & Counseling

"How do I apply for my Intern Number?"

When your Master's Degree is finished:

  1. Please request two sets of sealed transcripts from the CSUN Office of Admissions and Records Be sure to cite as a condition that all course-work and Master's Degree be posted before the transcript is issued.
  2. Please request the Intern Registration Material be sent to you by calling or writing to the California Board of Behavioral Science: (916) 445-4933; BBS, 400 R Street, Suite 3120, Sacramento, CA 95814-6240.
  3. Please fill out all materials the BBS sends you. Call Stan Charnofsky at (818) 677-2548 to make an appointment to get your Program Certification Form completed. Bring with you to the appointment a $12 check made out to THE UNIVERSITY CORPORATION, a copy of your transcript, and the Program Certification Form. IMPORTANT!!! Remember the BBS requires a minimum of 150 hours face-to-face with clients prior to graduation, and you must preserve Responsibility Statements for all of your supervisors with whom you claim hours, to submit to the Board when you finally take your state exam.
  4. Your Program Certification Form will be completed and sealed in an envelope, not to be opened, but be sent to the BBSE along with their other required materials. You will also receive a copy of the PCF for your files.
  5. Your intern number should be received by you in four to six weeks.
  6. Please be alert!! The BBS Laws and Regulations are subject to change at any time. Once you have graduated, it is your responsibility to stay informed about current rules.
  7. In case of discrepancy in your paperwork, the BBS may ask you to submit your Fieldwork Agreement Forms to them. Be sure you have these available; copies of these are to be on file in the Educational Psycholy and Counseling Office.
  8. The BBS now requires that your Social Security Number be on the PCF. Be sure you know your Social Security Number when you come for an appointment. (It is listed on your formal transcript.)


(If you haven't yet, DO join our CSUN MFT ALUMNI-STUDENT NETWORK.)