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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Educational Psychology & Counseling

schlackmanJonah Schlackman

Professor, Coordinator of Assessment & Evaluation

Ph.D. Education (Applied Psychometrics and Statistics) University of California at Los Angeles, 2002

email: jonah.schlackman@csun.edu
Office: 2125

Courses: EPC 600: Educational Statistics for Research and Measurement

Interests: statistical computing; evaluation and assessment; measurement; research design; multivariate analysis; structural equation modeling; latent variable methodology;

Recent research: accountability in teacher education; investigating the impact of early reading on motivation, student achievement, and long-term educational attainment.

Grants: Assessment & Accountability for Teacher Education Programs: Building a Replicable Database Model. U.S. Department of Education, $383,187 (2008-2010).  Peer-Reviewed.

Selected Reports, Publications, and Posters:
Gottfried, Allen; Schlackman, Jonah; Gottfried, Adele; Martinez, Alma. (2010) Does Early Home Literacy Environment Have Long-Term Educational Benefits? Poster presented at the American Psychological Association Conference, San Diego 2010, Division 15. Peer-Reviewed.

Costas, V., Chin, E., Jesunathadas, J., Li, J., Schlackman, J., & Wong, P. (2007) Developing a Culture of Evidence in Teacher Education for the California State University: A report submitted to the CSU Education Deans, August 2007.

Unrau, Norman & Schlackman, Jonah (2006) Motivation and Its Relationship With Reading Achievement in an Urban Middle School. Journal of Educational Research, 101(2), 81-101.

Webb, Noreen M., Schlackman, Jonah, & Sugrue, Brenda (2000) The Dependability and Interchangeability of Assessment Methods in Science, Applied Measurement in Education, vol. 13, no. 3.

Gearhart, Maryl, Saxe, G.B., Seltzer, M., Schlackman, Jonah, and others (1999) Opportunities to Learn Fractions in Elementary Mathematics Classroom, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, vol. 30, no. 3.