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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

College of Education

Michael D. Eisner College of Education Faculty Governance Manual

(Spring, 2013)

Faculty Governance Manual (.pdf)


Section 6.0

Section 6.1

The Equity and Faculty Affairs Committee shall be composed (ex of the Dean officio) and other full-time faculty member elected by each department. Each member shall serve a two-year term.
In addition, the College representative to the University Research and Grants Committee shall serve as a regular, voting member. If a member resigns or is no longer able to perform duties, that member's department will elect a new representative.
The membership shall elect a committee chair at first meeting.

Section 6.3

Section 6.3.1

Promote quality the of life of the faculty by addressing faculty issues and concerns not reserved for the college personnel committee, including issues of equity.


Facilitate communication among faculty and across departments regarding faculty concerns that are not reserved for the College Personnel Committee.


Survey the faculty annually regarding quality-of-life and professional development issues and concerns, and report results to the faculty and administration.


Provide a variety of ways in which the faculty can raise and address concerns regarding quality-of-life issues for faculty in the College.

Section 6.3.2

Ensure that the College has viable plans for the recruitment and retention of faculty of color, women, and other underrepresented groups in the Michael D. Eisner College of Education.


Provide information and strategies to departments that would help them to recruit faculty of color, women, underrepresented groups.


Establish a sustainable system of mentoring for all faculty, particularly faculty of color, women, underrepresented groups, junior faculty, and part-time faculty.


Support faculty teaching in their endeavors regarding teaching effectiveness and service in areas that are not addressed by other committees or campus agencies.

Section 6.3.4

Support the professional faculty in their professional responsibilities, their including teaching effectiveness, service, research, and contributions to the field.


Provide leadership in creating a supportive environment for research and professional activities in the college.


Review faculty proposals and supporting documents, and select or recommend recipients with of such awards, in accordance the procedures purpose approved by the Faculty Council for the purpose of awarding University funds and/or release time allocated to the Michael D. Eisner College of Education to support research or professional activities.


Serve as a communication link between the College and the University Research and Grants Committee.


Facilitate dissemination of information about available research opportunities.


Facilitate regular forums providing opportunities to for faculty to present their research and development efforts.

Section 6.3.5


Provide leadership for the Michael D. Eisner College of Education in the development and improvement of technology-based instruction and assessment.


Establish a plan including immediate and long-term goals for improving the technology needs of the Michael D. Eisner College of Education.


Develop policies to govern purchasing, upgrading, use and maintenance of computer resources and other technologies at the Michael D. Eisner College of Education.


Promote the training of faculty in the use of computer-based technologies.

Section 6.3.6

Selection of the Blenda J. Wilson Award: The Equity and Faculty Affairs the Committee shall call for nominations for Blenda J. Wilson award in the fall semester. The nominations include submissions of a form indicating how the nominee meets the established criteria. The Committee shall review the nomination forms and select an awardee the by the end of March.

Section 6.4

Section 6.4.1

Regular Meetings: Meetings shall be held at least twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesdays. Committee meetings shall be open to all members faculty who shall have the right to speak on item any on the agenda.

Section 6.4.2

Closed Meetings: Meetings where competing proposals or nominations are discussed and selection decisions are made shall identified in advance as closed meetings by Chair of the Committee to the Faculty Council.