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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

College of Education

Purpose - Educating Hispanic Students Project

This project has been federally funded. The purpose of this project is to promote post-baccalaureate education opportunities for Hispanic American students.

Project Goals

The project goals are to

  1. Prepare Hispanic teachers for State Certification in multiple and single subject credential programs.
  2. Prepare Hispanic teachers for an M.A. in Education with emphasis in Multicultural and Multilingual Education.
  3. Enhance the use of instructional technology (computer skills) of project participants.
  4. Improve and expand the University's instructional programs.
  5. Educate all project students (credential and Master's Degree students) in conducting multicultural education.
  6. Provide regular and timely academic advisement and support to all project students in teaching credential programs and Master's Degree programs.

Project Services