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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Doctoral Program

Ed.D. Program - Curriculum

The Doctoral Program faculty, in collaboration with our P14 community partners, has drawn from the latest research and what we know about best practice to design a challenging and relevant curriculum, tailored to the needs of separate PreK-12 and Community College cohorts. Students take courses with colleagues who are working in organizations much like their own, learning from each other as well as from professors and mentors in the field. 

The Program of Study is 60 units in length and is designed to be completed in three calendar years (including summers). Classes are held one evening a week on the CSUN campus, from 5pm to 9:30pm. In addition, students participate in online activities; attend several Weekend Seminars each year; conduct field-based inquiry at schools/districts or colleges; and do independent research for the dissertation.

All students complete a dissertation based on a review of the literature and independent research on a problem related to educational leadership, student achievement, and school/community college improvement. Students are assisted in planning, researching and writing the dissertation through research methods courses, Weekend Seminars, and meetings with the chair of their dissertation committee. Students present a dissertation proposal to their dissertation committee at the end of Year II and their final dissertation at the end of Year III, if ready. Students are strongly encouraged to finish the dissertation within three years, but have up to seven years from beginning the program to complete it, if necessary.