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Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:39 pm
Hello everyone,

My name is Ian Carroll, and I am the web developer for the College of Education. Since I was hired last September I have been working with all of you to keep the college’s web presence as functional and timely as possible, while also working on new features and designs for the future. From time to time, I’ll be sending out update emails to highlight the great work we’ve been doing together and to solicit your thoughts on improvements we can do. Also, I will be maintaining a running list of updates at my website, located here http://www.csun.edu/education/web-development/.

This semester will be an exciting one, as we’ll be rolling out three new tools which should vastly increase the usability and visibility of our college online. They include:
1. The COE Unified Bulletin board, which will serve the dual roles of providing a public discussion forum for the college as well as delivering up to date news feeds to the department homepages (or to any area that requests it).
2. The COE Unified Calendar, which will allow departments to publically list their upcoming events and deadlines, and committees to easily manage a private calendar to coordinate amongst themselves.
3. The COE Personnel Directory, which will supply up to date and accurate information on college faculty and staff to all sections of the website. Since it all comes from a common source, you will no longer have to worry about submitting, say, a new publication you’ve authored to both your faculty profile page as well as the Faculty Research Accomplishments and Distinctions webpage.

Speaking of the research page, allow me to highlight some of the work we’ve already been able to do together:

• Through collaboration between myself and the Research Advisory Committee, we have just launched the Faculty Research Accomplishments and Distinctions section, which makes us the only college in the university to have such a site! View it at http://www.csun.edu/education/research/.
• We have also just launched a website for the Equity and Faculty Affairs Committee, which includes password protected meeting minutes for full-time faculty. I am looking to work with other committees to build their web presences, also. Check out the EFAC site at http://www.csun.edu/education/efac/.
• The Educational Psychology and Counseling Department has a new PDF application packet with fillable form fields, which enforces that all the fields be filled out properly (and also have legible writing). See the new packet at http://www.csun.edu/education/epc/docs/ ... packet.pdf.
• Also in EPC news, the EPC website has been moved under the college’s umbrella, with a new URL, design, and revamped content. So far, people have noted that the new site is much more navigable and up to date. See it here http://www.csun.edu/education/epc/.
• The ELPS department has also been working with me extensively to improve their website, and have completely redesigned their front page and sidebar navigation. They are also the first department to start using the bulletin board to post news to their homepage, and with great results. They boast much higher website visibility and news that is always timely and accurate. See their improvements at http://www.csun.edu/education/elps/.
• Last semester, Cynthia Desrochers launched the first issue of InnovatED, the new College of Education online newsletter. This semesterly publication is full of interesting articles from your peers in education, including autobiographies on our new colleagues and a listing of recent publications. We will have a new issue coming out soon for Spring 2012, but check out the Fall 2011 issue in the meantime at http://www.csun.edu/education/innovated/.
• I’ve implemented Google Analytics on all the college webpages. This system allows for extremely detailed statistics on your viewership, including the most popular pages of a website, peak traffic times, how long a person spent on each page, and the path they took while navigating through your site. This is powerful information for crafting the best, most effective message to deliver to your students, and has important implications for recruitment. I am happy to meet with any department or program manager to provide you with an analysis of your statistics and some advice on how best to optimize your content.

It’s been a pleasure working with everyone in the college over the last semester, and I look forward to many more accomplishments as we work together on our common goal of helping prospective teachers and school counselors and administrators reach their own goals.
Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss any changes or updates you need made to a webpage, as well as to talk ideas about features you’d like to see implemented. I am accessible via phone at extension x3154, email at ian.carroll@csun.edu, or in person in my office, ED 3132.

Best wishes,

Ian M. Carroll
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