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Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Accelerated Collaborative Teacher Education Program

How to Apply

Please follow the following steps for admission to the Accelerated Collaborative Teacher (ACT) Preparation Program.

  1. CSUN application (graduate standing) - online at Cal State Apply
  2. Credential Program application - online at http://www.csun.edu/eisner-education/credential-office/applications
  3. ACT Program application - online at http://www.csun.edu/eisner-education/accelerated-collaborative-teacher-preparation-program/application

What happens after I apply to the ACT Program?

Following application to the university, credential program and ACT Program, applicants will be notified to contact the ACT Program Office for an interview. At the time of the interview, please bring the form indicating that you have submitted a complete application to the credential program and copies of the following:

What criteria are used in evaluating applicants to the ACT Program?

Applicants to the ACT Program must meet the requirements for admission to the Credential Program (Exceptional admission may be considered for applicants to the Multiple Subject and Special Education credential programs).

In addition to these requirements, applicants are evaluated according to the following criteria: