Welcome Video Transcript

Hello, and congratulations on your admission to California State University, Northridge. My name is Nancy Virts and I am the Chair of the Department of Economics. First, let me tell you about Northridge. We're part of California State University, one of the nation's finest public education systems. Our campus is well-known for its distinguished attributes. We have internationally recognized academic programs, a caring and dedicated faculty, and a beautiful campus located in Los Angeles, one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Even though we have a large campus- we're one of the five biggest universities in California in terms of enrollment- our students tell us we have a cozy feel. Our class sizes are relatively small, which means you'll get to know your professors and they'll to know you. We have a vibrant and diverse student body and many extracurricular activities. With so much to offer, we're sure you'll find your niche here.

We're delighted you have expressed an interest in economics. In economics, students learn how a market economy functions. In our classes, students learn how taxes, subsidies, and government regulation of business effect consumer welfare, job creation, and prosperity. Because economic analysis can be used to understand consumer behavior in the consequence of business decisions, economics is a good major for future business leaders. Students with undergraduate degrees in economics are more likely to become the CEO of an S&P 500 company than any other major. Understanding economics is also useful if you are interested in politics and public policy, and is an excellent preparation for law school.

Come check us out in person. Our University Ambassadors will be happy to show you around campus and tell you about life as a Cal State Northridge student. In the meantime, keep an eye out for an academic advisement e-mail. Be sure to read this e-mail right away. Academic advisement is mandatory for first-time freshmen and highly recommended for transfer students. It will be critical to helping you achieve your academic goals. Again, congratulations on your admission. We look forward to seeing you here at Northridge.