Notes for all Early Start Math Online Courses

Course information for students already enrolled in M096LI and M096LII (pdf).

Online courses:
We will offer 1-unit courses equivalent to math 092 (ESM 096LI) and math 093 (ESM 096LII). Online courses (9, 6 and 3 week versions):
June 3 though August 2
June 24 through August 2
July 15 through August 2

The grading will be as follows:
NC = did not make a sufficient effort
RP = worked but did not progress
CR = moved up one level (either from 092 to 093 or from 093 to GE math)

In the case of the online courses, you will be deemed as having made a sufficient effort once you complete an online assessment and 12 hours of independent online work. In addition the online course offers you the opportunity to improve your placement in Developmental and General Education Math classes. Thus, if you choose this option, the earlier you start, the more opportunity you will have for improved placement. You can get started on our Early Start Math as early as June 3, 2013, and you must register for it before July 15, 2013. All work must be completed by August 2rd. Again, signing up earlier does not require a greater time commitment on your part, it only allows you more time to improve your math placement.

To get started on CSUN’s Early Start Math, please go to “My Checklist” in the CSUN student portal and enter information into the CSU Early Start Smart Page. Then please return to your CSUN student portal and click on the Early Start tab. There you will find directions on how to enroll in our Early Start Math Program. All courses will be run through CSUN’s Tseng College of Extended Learning. Registration requires a CSUN ID and is handled via the CSUN Student Portal.
1. If your ELM score is below 34, register for either ESM 092 or ESM 096L I.
2. If your ELM score is 34 or more (but below 50), register for either ESM 099 or ESM 096L II.

Students with questions please contact: Andrea Nemeth (, 818-677-7362) Marion Brown (, 818-677-7337)