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Entry Level Mathematics Exam

What is the ELM?

The CSU has developed the ELM (Entry Level Mathematics) exam, a math placement test, in order to determine which students are ready to enroll in college level math courses.

Students must take the ELM exam unless they meet one of the following criteria: 1) a score of 550 or above on the SAT I or SAT II. 2) a score of 23 or above on the math portion of the ACT. 3) a score of 3 or above on the Advanced Placement Calculus or Statistics exam. 4) an EAP exemption (see http://www.csumathsuccess.org/faq#8). 5) completion of an Intermediate Algebra, or higher course at a community college with a "C" or better.

When and where can I take the ELM?

You will find a list of test dates and locations at http:www.ets.org/csu/

We STRONGLY urge you to take the ELM in February or March of your senior year in high school. You do not have to take the test at Northridge.

What happens if my score on the ELM is below 50?

If your score is 32 or below you will be required to take two (2) developmental mathematics courses at CSUN. If your score is between 32 and 50, you will be required to take one (1) developmental mathematics course at CSUN. These courses DO NOT count toward your CSUN degree. You have only one (1) year to complete these courses. You will NOT be allowed to enroll for classes at CSUN after one (1) year if you have not completed your developmental mathematics courses! Only after successfully completing your developmental mathematics courses will you be allowed to enroll in college level mathematics courses.

Can I take the ELM more than once?

Yes! You can take it as many times as you would like. If your score is below 50 we recommend that you take the test again.

Where can I get help preparing for the ELM.

Go to http://www.csumathsuccess.org/exam_prep. You can download free sample problems and even take a practive test online. You can also sign up for the tutorial ($35 Fee) to help you prepare for the ELM.

Who can answer questions about the ELM?

Try http://www.scumathsuccess.org/faq. If you still have questions contact Dr. Katherine Stevenson, Director, CSUN Developmental Mathematics Program (http://www.csun.edu/devmath/) or by calling 818 677-5073 or by emailing katherine.stevenson@csun.edu