What Really Works!What Really Works!
in Education
March 22, 2013 at the CSUN University Student Union

Speakers and Presentations

About our Keynote Speaker

Rebecca Mieliwocki

Rebecca Mieliwocki

2012 National Teacher of the Year

Rebecca Mieliwocki is a 7th grade English teacher at Luther Burbank Middle School, which houses 1100 students in grades 6-8. She has been teaching for 14 years and has spent 9 years in her current position. Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication from California Polytechnic State University and her professional clear credential in Secondary English Education from California State University Northridge. She is the 2005 California League of Middle Schools Educator of the Year for Southern California, a 2009 PTA Honorary Service, and a BTSA mentor, and has also served as a teacher expert for CSUN College of Education Panel titled “The ABC’s of IEPs.” A child of two veteran public school teachers, Rebecca initially shied away from becoming a teacher, but she soon realized there is “no nobler profession” than teaching. Her own K-12 teachers serve as her heroes and she models her teaching style on the example they set for her. She works hard to provide her students with exciting and dynamic lessons that are both educational and amusing.

Rebecca says, “Students learn best when they have the most enthusiastic, engaged teachers possible.” She believes strongly in the importance of good teacher preparation programs, continuous support and collaboration opportunities for veteran teachers, and a strong school leadership team to guide and drive achievement. She values the teaching profession as a sought after career and one that can transform our nation for the better. She says, “I firmly believe that teachers must be held accountable for their students’ success, from helping them meet personal or school-wide learning goals to achieving on district and state level assessments. Our students are our future, so we, their teachers, must do our best to inspire them and guide them to greatness.”

Bio from http://www.ccsso.org/ntoy.html

About our Special Guest Speaker

Dr. Stephen Krashen

Dr. Stephen Krashen

Professor emeritus, USC

Professor of Education, Emeritus, at the University of Southern California, he works with teachers and their students...and knows the realities and challenges you face every day!

Dr. Krashen will be presenting on the case against the common core as well as a session on second language acquisition.

Dr. Krashen is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards and the author of many internationally acclaimed books...most notable are: The Power of Reading, Condemned Without A Trial: Bogus Arguments Against Bilingual Education and Foreign Language Teaching: The Easy Way.

To view his online books and articles visit his website at http://www.sdkrashen.com/

About our Presentations

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