The Teachers in both general and special education classrooms are being asked to collaborate to give all students access to the general education curriculum. The challenge is that teachers receive very little training in how to work together to educate students successfully (Murawski, 2010). In addition, very few teacher candidates are able to see co-teaching in action during their pre-service program. This projectfocuses on the impact of co-teaching in higher education and what needs to be done in order to ensure quality, research-based, collaborative instruction in the shared university classroom.  Researchers on this project are working to identify whether co-teaching between professors results in improved student outcomes in a variety of areas, as well as improved outcomes for faculty.



Many districts across the nation are incorporating co-teaching into their schools in order to create the best learning environment for all students. This practical, easy-to-use resource offers administrators and teachers a wealth of strategies and tools for setting up, conducting, and maintaining a successful co-teaching relationship that addresses the diverse needs in today's inclusive classrooms

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