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Important Deadlines

Exclamation Mark Please note that although EOP is a statewide program, the admissions process and deadlines to each campus may vary.

EOP online application 
(CSUMentor) opens


October 1, 2013


CSU (CSUN) Application Deadline


November 30, 2013


For priority consideration submit your EOP application by (Recommended)


November 30, 2013


Final deadline to submit EOP application


December 16, 2013



Final deadline to submit CSUN EOP's required documents:
- 2 Recommendation forms (.pdf)
- Financial documents
- Unofficial high school transcripts
- SAT/ACT scores
- Proof of registration for EPT/ELM


January 14, 2014
Apply for Financial Aid (FAFSA) as early as:

January, 2014 (Official deadline: March 2, 2014)