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EOP Apply - First Time Transfers

For First Time Transfer Students

Exclamation Mark Please note that although EOP is a statewide program, the admissions process and deadlines to each campus may vary.

Exclamation Sign Click here if you’re transferring from another CSU.


Let's Get Started:

Step #Description of Step

Select "YES" on the EOP Interest question on the CSU undergraduate application.

Complete your EOP Application through CSU Mentor

Submit the following required documents to the CSUN EOP Admissions office in person, by email (scan or take a good picture and attach) or fax (Remember, priority consideration is November 30th).

  • Two (2) recommendations - (which you can send through CSU Mentor to teachers or counselors - no friends or family.

You can also take a paper version (2013-2014 (.pdf); 2014-2015 (.pdf)) to them if needed. Follow up until you have confirmation that both have been received by CSUN EOP)

  • Unofficial college transcript - This is a separate requirement from the transcript required by Admissions & Records. Send sealed transcripts to Admissions & Records.

Apply to Financial Aid FAFSA as early as January 2014 (Deadline is March 2nd; however, the sooner you apply, the sooner your information will be processed). Visit the FAFSA website for more information and to apply.


Secure University Admissions by March 2, 2014.

Complete Intent to Register by July 6, 2014.

Star Icon Important: Make sure to check myEOP page regularly and contact the CSUN EOP Admissions office to stay informed of possible additional requirements and your status in the EOP admissions process. Don't have a myEOP Page account yet? Just click here to create one.