Don Dorsey Excellence In Mentoring Awardees

The Dorsey Excellence In Mentoring Awards were established in 1998 by the Faculty Mentor Program and the Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP).  The annual awards recognize faculty and staff who have made exceptional contributions to mentoring of past and present students; who take a holistic approach to mentoring, including academic and personal support; and who demonstrate proactive involvement in the University’s commitment to the success of students of diverse backgrounds and communities.

The awards are named after Professor Don Dorsey of Educational Psychology and Counseling who helped develop CSUN’s first mentor training program and devoted himself as a mentor to innumerable students.

For more information, contact Faculty Mentor Program Coordinator Glenn Omatsu at (818) 677-4151 or via email at: glenn.omatsu@csun.edu


2015 Awardees

Don Dorsey Excellence In Mentoring Awards Recipients 

Professor Edward Jackiewicz, Professor Sean Murray, Dr. William Watkins, and Raul Aragon


Professor Edward Jackiewicz, chair of the Geography Department, has taught at CSUN since 2001 and holds a B.S. from Arizona State University, an M.A. from Temple University, and a Ph.D. from Indiana University.  He is a specialist in migration, transnationalism, tourism development.  He also serves as Faculty Athletics Representative to help promote the academic success of student athletes on our campus.  He was nominated for the award by graduate student Olga Govdyak.



Professor Sean Murray of Biology has been teaching at CSUN since 2007.  He earned his B.S. from Montclair State University, his M.S. in 1999, his M. Phil. in 2000, and his Ph.D. in 2003 from Yale University.  In 2004, he won the Spangler Nicholas Prize for best Ph.D. thesis in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology.  He was nominated for the Dorsey mentoring award by several graduate students, research associates, and alumni.


Dr. William Watkins, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, is being honored for outstanding service to EOP and mentoring of EOP students for the past three decades.  An alumnus of CSUN, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies in 1974.  As an undergraduate, he served as the first African American student body president and also received the Outstanding Graduating Senior Award.  He earned his master’s in public administration from USC and his doctorate in education leadership from UCLA. 



A special posthumous mentoring award was presented in memory of EOP co-founder and leader Raul Aragon.  He grew up in the San Fernando Valley, graduated from CSUN, and earned a graduate degree in Political Science from Claremont College.  Aragon devoted his professional life to the mission of EOP and to lives of EOP students and served for many years as EOP assistant director. 

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2014 Awardees

Don Dorsey Excellence In Mentoring Awards 2014 Recipients

Professor Vickie Jensen

Emeritus Professor Carol Kelly 
Child & Adolescent Development

Professor Mary Pardo
Chicana/o Studies

Professor Terri Lisagor
Family and Consumer Sciences

Don Dorsey Excellence In Mentoring Awards 2014 Recipient Mack Johnson

Posthumous Mentoring Award: Dr. Mack Johnson
Associate Vice President, Graduate Studies & International Programs

Images of 2014 Award Ceremony


2013 Awardees

Don Dorsey Excellence In Mentoring Awards 2013 Recipients

Parthenia Hosch
Administrative Analyst

Professor Cindy Malone

Professor Gabriela Chavira

Professor Everto "Veto" Ruiz
Chicana/o Studies

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Images of 2013 Award Ceremony


2012 Awardees

Don Dorsey Excellence In Mentoring Awards 2012 Recipients

Professor Bradley McAuliff

Mr. Christopher Aston
Assistant Director of Student Development

Dr. Linda Reid Chassiakos
Klotz Student Health Center

Professor Bridget Sampson
Communication Studies


2011 Awardees

Don Dorsey Excellence In Mentoring Awards 2011 Recipients

Professor Lauren McDonald

Professor Jorge Garcia
Chicana/o Studies

Professor King Carter
Pan African Studies & EOP Transitional Programs

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Images of 2011 Award Ceremony


2010 Awardees

Don Dorsey Excellence In Mentoring Awards 2010 Recipients

Professor Jeanine Mingé
Communication Studies

Nurse Practioner Jane Santoro
Klotz Student Health Center

Professor Rie Rogers Mitchell
Educational Psychology and Counseling


2009 Awardees

Don Dorsey Excellence In Mentoring Awards 2009 Recipients

Professor Michael Silvia
Developmental Math

Groundskeeper Thomas Katenay
Physical Plant Management

Professor Rodolfo Acuña
Chicana/o Studies


2008 Awardees

Don Dorsey Excellence In Mentoring Awards 2008 Recipients

Professor Scott Andrews

Shiva Parsa
EOP Transitional Programs

Don Dorsey Excellence In Mentoring Awards 2008 Shiva Parsa


2007 Awardees

Professor James Sefton

Robert Stoneham
Learning Resource Center


2006 Awardee

Professor Duane Doty
Physics and Anatomy


2005 Awardees

Don Dorsey Excellence In Mentoring Awards 2005 Recipients

Frankline Augustin
Student Services Center/EOP, Mathematics and Science

Professor Gina Masequesmay
Asian American Studies


2004 Awardees

Professor Merril Simon
Educational Psychology and Counseling

Shelly Thompson
Student Services Center/EOP, Humanities


2003 Awardee

Professor Carrie Saetermoe


2002 Awardees

Professor Scott Plunkett
Family Environmental Sciences

Dr. Karen Green

Distance Education Coordinator & Externship


2001 Awardees

Professor Behzad Bavarian
Materials Engineering

Rosemary Muñiz

Administrative Support Coordinator
Admissions and Records

Dr. Gordon Nakagawa
Office of Equity and Diversity

Joseph Roberson
Graduate Student
Educational Psychology and Counseling


2000 Awardees

Margaret Brown
Health and Human Development Student Services/EOP

J. Patrick Geary
Graduate Student
Educational Psychology and Counseling

Professor Maria Elena Zavala



Jose Luis Vargas Don Dorsey 1999 Recipient

1999 Awardee

José Luis Vargas
Director of EOP