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Applying for EOP as a First Time Transfer Student

Benefits of CSUN EOP

• Transitional experience: Offering a free upper-division course over the summer (dependent on availability). The Transfer Bridge Program is designed to give students a head start toward a successful college experience and the opportunity to begin building community with other students.  

• Individualized tutoring at the Learning Resource Center (LRC)

• Academic support services & holistic advising: Specialized advisement services at the Student Services Center/EOP Satellite for your major.

• Financial support: Modest EOP Grant: If eligible and funds are available; included in your financial aid package. 

Applying for CSUN EOP

• Be a first-time applicant to the CSU for the Fall semester. EOP at CSUN does not admit students in the Spring semester. (Once enrolled, you are no longer eligible to apply).  

• Meet the statewide CSU EOP financial criteria.

• Meet generational criteria (parents have not completed a four-year degree).

• Be historically low-income.

• Have already submitted the CSU Mentor and EOP application for Fall 2016.

• File and qualify for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 2nd.  

**Remember, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admissions to CSUN EOP. Also, an interview may be required. 

Deadlines to keep in mind:

January 15, 2016

Priority deadline to submit EOP application and other required documents at CSUN (see below). 

March 11, 2016

Final deadline to submit EOP required documents (see below).

Required documents:

Frequently Asked Questions

How important are the EOP application and supporting documents? 

The EOP application and supporting documents are an important part of the admissions process. We complete a detailed evaluation of each application and make admissions decisions based on the information you provide in conjunction with the minimum requirements, an interview, and your university records.

If I’m in EOPS at my community college, am I automatically in EOP at CSUN? 

No. Being in EOPS at the community college does not guarantee admission to CSUN EOP. And, while a recommendation from your EOPS counselor is valuable, all candidates are evaluated based on their fulfillment of the minimum requirements above as well as a detailed evaluation of the EOP application.

What are the differences between EOPS & EOP? 

EOP does NOT provide: Book grants/vouchers, priority registration, child care, parking or progress reports.