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Advisors and Mentors


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photo of conchita battle arceop director

Conchita Y. Battle, EdD.
Director Advising Resource Center/EOP


Claudia S. Richarte, M.A.
Email: claudia.s.richarte@csun.edu 
James L. Henry, M.S.
Email: james.henry@csun.edu
 Hector Carrillo, M.S.
Career Counselor
Email: hector.j.carrillo.jr@csun.edu

Lucio A. Simental, M.A.

Email: lucio.simental@csun.edu

Administrative Support

 Roxana Salinas
Email: roxana.salinas@csun.edu
 Oren Jeffries
Email: oren.jeffries@csun.edu

ARC/EOP Peer Advisor Mentors (PAMs):

ARC/EOP Peer Advisor Mentors 2016 Picture

Left to right – Angel, Ottoniel, Vanessa, Ruben, Jessica, Eduardo, David, Gilberto, Carlos, Gabriela, Diane, Omar, Kiara, Misouri

The primary purpose of the peer advisor mentoring program in the Advising Resource Center/ EOP at CSUN, is to provide advising and mentoring to undecided/ undeclared first year students during the early stages of their academic careers. A Peer Advisor Mentor (PAM) is a student hired specifically to counsel, refer, advise and mentor first year undecided students on all aspects of college life during the first 2 semesters. Peer advisor mentors are CSUN juniors and seniors who have received high grades in their course work and have gone through extensive training.