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    Welcome to the EOP AB 540 Initiative

AB 540 Initiative



The members of the EOP AB 540 Initiative Committee and the AB 540 Liaisons within the Student Services Center/EOP Satellites are a student centered collective; we work together to provide holistic services and support to the campus community on a broad range of needs specific to AB 540 students at California State University, Northridge. We foster understanding of the unique issues and challenges AB 540 students face. We support professional excellence and promote academic achievement. We carry out this work and vision in concurrence with the university’s mission and master plan.


Our mission involves raising awareness around the issues and needs of AB 540 students. Our delivery of secondary base line support services, specifically tailored to the needs of prospective and currently enrolled AB 540 students, promotes empathy and exercises advocacy on behalf of this marginalized student population. In addition, providing professional development for staff encourages an increased understanding and the skill set needed to deliver a breath of services to AB 540 students. Ultimately, the goal is to sustain the development and advancement of a positive work environment in which students, faculty, staff and administrators are inspired and empowered to support AB 540 students in their quest for academic excellence.

Core Values

Responsibility: As the stewards of AB540 student success at the university, we promote a culture of understanding that is supportive and humane to the plight of this immigrant student population.

Community: As individuals and as a collective our actions and responses determine our reputation with campus and off-campus communities. We value diversity and varied perspectives; we thrive in developing and sustaining partnerships to broaden our work and influence.

Integrity: We hold to the highest standards of our profession as Student Services Professionals. The discharge of our daily responsibilities demonstrates respect for our students and each other. Our programming and activities affirm the worth of our collective and each member of the campus community.