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"CSUEU 2011 audit has been completed with no adjustments. Chapter Audits went smoothly... "

--- CSUEU Finance Committee Report, March 2012 Board of Director Meeting, San Diego


Chapter Finances - Audit went smoothly, No Problems Found

Indicated below are the monthly Chapter Financials for the last year as well as our Quarterly Reports.  At no time has our assigned accountant found any problems with our Chapter's Financials.  If there are ever any problems, they will be noted on the monthly financials.

Recently, CSUEU and all Chapters went through an annual financial audit.  At the last Board of Director's Meeting (San Diego, March 9-11), CSUEU's Finance Committee submitted their report to the Board re: this audit.  The first page of the report is available in the section below.  I've pasted the relevant portion of the report below.  As can be seen, the report states "CSUEU 2011 audit has been completed with no adjustments.  Chapter audits went smoothly as well." 

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By: Claudia Garcia

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