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Changes to Bargaining Unit 2 Classifications

as of the December 3, 2009 Side Letter


(Please Note: These Classification and Standards are in effect upon the signing of the Side Letter. As of December 18, 2009, they are not yet posted on the Chancellor's Office website.)

CSUEU and the CSU bargained for changes to the Bargaining Unit 2 Classification and Standards. As a result, on December 3, 2009, they reached a Side Letter Agreement that included Classification and Standards for 3 new positions in BU2 and updated the Standards for 13 additional classifications (along with other details). These are changes are listed below:



(Other Classifications and Standards in BU 2 may be found at

Employees in BU2 should update their position descriptions, making sure to incorporate the language in the new and/or updated Classification and Standards (where applicable). If you believe that you should be reclassified into the new Classifications (Phlebotomist, Orthopedic Technician and Licensed Vocational Nurse I), please speak to your Director/Appropriate Administrator. Your Appropriate Administrator will make the recommendation regarding the reclassifications.

If, however, your Appropriate Administrator does not recommend you for the reclassification and you believe that you do have the skills and are performing the duties in the new classification, you can request a Reclassification under Articles 9.26 - 9.28 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (aka "Contract").

Please consult a Steward if you have any questions.


Last Updated: December 18, 2009
By: Claudia Garcia

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